About us

Our company's focus is creating long-standing customer relationships. Our company's determination and current success will keep us in business for a long time.

why choose us?

  • 1.

    No Hidden fees! No setup fees! No contracts to sign!

    Our servers are located in Ottawa. Hosted in a Secure Building with coded access keypads. State of the art video surveillance and strategically placed cameras in the building.

  • 2.

    We continue to invest both our smartest people and our best technology in a set of hosting solutions that will help your business succeed today and lead tomorrow. 

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    Keynetz is comprised of highly motivated and dedicated individuals with a vast range of skills and knowledge. Along with the talented staff of specialists, Keynetz continues to expand to better serve their clients. 

    Located in Ottawa, Ontario; Keynetz works in a fast pace society where technology is always transforming. We strive to keep up with this technology by expanding our knowledge with new programs and innovative ideas in which we incorporate into all our services.