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July 8, 2021

Dear clients:

Over the next little while we will be ceasing to operate Keynetz Hosting Servers as we gear into retirement after nearly 20 yrs in operation.

Keynetz can no longer offer the type of support that our clients deserve and require. Over the last 2 weeks we have dealt with power UPS issues, access limitations and DNS issues to name a few. We have worked tirelessly to maintain a great service however, some things that are beyond our control cause stress for both our clients and for us.

Those of you on month-to-month billing will only be billed through the month(s) you are still on the Keynetz server.

Those on yearly I’d suggest looking for a new host now and when it comes time to renew, you can then switch to a new provider. If you are the account holder, we will approve all domain requests for transfer, unlock and send auth codes as requested.

Thank you kindly for the years of continued support.

Sincerely, Liana Smith


Please communicate through email regarding your site and account. smith@keynetz.com